Day1 My thoughts

Time Capsule 1: Did I Challenge and Grow?

I started a blog. I felt the importance of taking action in my mid-20s and started blogging to put my thoughts into action. Usually, my use of technology is limited to using Excel as part of my job. With the tremendous technological innovation of today, I wonder if I can sustainably provide value to society. I probably only have a few good years left, and people who don’t grow won’t be able to succeed anywhere. Although I don’t have any particular strengths, I’m desperately catching up with technology and specializing in computer programming and related technologies to realize a future where I can thrive 5 or 10 years from now. I don’t think anyone is interested in this message, but if I can give someone who shares my values the courage to take action through this blog, that would be the greatest happiness. I also hope to share my lifestyle with others. Peace.








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